Lash Lift and Lash Extensions Applications During Pregnancy


Lash Lift and Lash Extensions Applications During Pregnancy

Women's lives can be very exciting during pregnancy. However, during this time, women also come across body image issues and desire to be pampered more often than usual. There are also a lot of no-no’s on the list, which may limit an expectant mother. During your pregnancy, you may be frustrated, especially if you cannot engage in certain activities. 

It may be difficult to give up everything during your pregnancy, even though most expecting mothers can sacrifice some routines to ensure the health and wellbeing of their baby.


What are the reasons for women wanting eyelash extensions while pregnant?

One of the most common questions about what to give up is lash lifts and eyelash extensions. Pregnant women often ask about whether they can continue using eyelash extensions or not. 

The answer is simple, despite feeling huge, they always want to feel beautiful! But, unfortunately, some mums don't enjoy that pregnancy glow, and others might even feel quite self-conscious at this time.

In addition to feeling more put-together and beautiful at the beginning of your pregnancy and in your hospital photos, eyelash extensions can enhance your beauty throughout. The feedback received from pregnant clients often relates to how relieved they were not to have smudged mascara and panda eyes after a long labor. Additionally, the eyelash extensions made them look a little bit more polished in their hospital photos - which is not a huge concern when you're giving birth. Still, it would be nice to have the ability to frame and print pictures in the hospital and feel somewhat pulled together.


Pregnant women and eyelash extensions

Getting lashes extensions done before the birth of a baby is a great way to savor maternity photos. However, doctors and medical practitioners have kicked against it. Keep reading as I take you through some of the reasons why some doctors advise against having eyelash extensions applied during pregnancy, as well as what pregnant ladies do when getting their lashes done.

Pregnant women are advised not to get eyelash extensions. Does this hold? The short answer is that you can request extensions, but you should be aware of some factors before coming to your appointment.

Some of the most common concerns pregnant women have regarding eyelash extensions are listed below.


  • Chemical Ingredients

It is understandable for mothers to become more diligent about what they use when they have a baby on the way. After all, it's a well-known fact that toxic chemicals can harm a baby's health.

The application of eyelash extensions is non-invasive, but many pregnant women are still worried about the chemicals involved - specifically the adhesive used to attach the extensions to the natural lashes.

Various horror stories about toxic eyelash glue can be found on the internet if you do a quick search. Some people believe eyelash glue contains harmful chemicals that may even cause congenital disabilities. Although there may be unsafe options, a professional salon will not select any product that could potentially harm its clients.

To be safe, it is wise to buy adhesive glues that have undergone testing and certification as being cosmetically safe. In addition, it is important to note that eyelash glue doesn't touch the skin during the procedure. In addition, high-quality products ensure that even pregnant women can become safe during the eyelash extension process.

A bonus tip is to shop at Invidious Lashes. They produce the best lash products. Their products are certified internationally and by the Australian government to be safe and good to use. They have the best professionals, personally trained by Su Altunbas, the founder of Invidious Lashes herself. You need not worry about the procedure's safety as they are meticulous with details and uphold international health standards.


  • Reactions to allergens

It is very rare for lash extensions to cause allergic reactions. An average lash salon may see as few as one allergic reaction case each year. The client will usually be aware of their allergies (for example, if they have a latex allergy and get an allergic reaction to the lash glue).

It is highly recommended not to try eyelash extensions for the first time while pregnant if you have never had them before. The chances of you having an allergic reaction are low if you've had eyelash extensions in the past without an issue.

Due to the restrictions on which antihistamines and medications can be taken if a pregnant client experienced a reaction, treatment would be a little more challenging.


  • How safe is it to lay on your back during the application process?

Laying on one's back for a minimum of 60 minutes is required for the application process of eyelash extensions. For pregnant women, this is at times considered unsafe. 

A better choice, Invidious Lashes, helps out in this regard. They provide quick lash sets as most of their clients are busy professionals or busy mums who drop in during their lunch breaks or when their babies nap. Their major advantage is that every lash stylist at Invidious Lashes is a professional and trained personnel.  

They have reduced full set application time down by employing various time-saving procedures behind the scenes. As a salon, they have incorporated the use of pre-fanned lashes if deemed necessary,  but are very efficient at creating quality handmade sets. Although they are more expensive, Invidious Lashes considers clients' health and satisfaction a good enough motivation to invest in it. 

This method doesn't change the outcome, but it does save clients from laying on lash tables for hours.


Fixing eyelash extensions while pregnant

The National Institutes of Health recommends that expectant mothers who have passed the 6-month mark not lie on their backs for prolonged periods. It is best to get the initial full set before the 6-month mark and then maintain it with infills until the client's due date. Infill appointments are only about 30-45 minutes long, which means pregnant women can rest after the procedure. Invidious Lashes keep pillows at the salon to help prop heavily pregnant women who may like to lie on their side. With this, the pregnant woman's health is comfortably managed.

It is important to consult your doctor before booking an appointment with a lash stylist, especially when pregnant. Also, reach out to your lash stylist and inform them that you are pregnant before going over. This is so they can provide the necessary equipment and tools you'll need before you get there. 

A nice magic with infill appointments is that you can choose to book more than one appointment, so there can be scheduled breaks between the sessions. Either way, you will have a full set of lashes, but they will be applied in two sessions.


Procedures for lifting the eyelashes

Basically, a lash lift is a safe and non-invasive aesthetic procedure that lifts the eyelashes permanently with cream products. Usually, this is done alongside lash tinting, which deepens your eyelashes' color. Using natural eyelashes as curlers, lash lifts are a new form of perming that uses creams and silicones to curl lashes. By using this procedure, women do not have to curl their lashes using curlers. 

Unlike traditional lash perming techniques that use barrel rollers to achieve a tight, unnatural curl, lash lifts create a natural, upward curl using silicone shields. In addition to giving lashes more height, length, and volume, this action increases their volume. 

As mentioned earlier, lash lifts usually come with lash tints, but you can also get these services separately. Lash tints darken natural lashes. By curling and applying mascara to the lashes, the lash procedures eliminate the need to do so. 


Lifted lashes have a lasting effect.

The average lifespan of an eyelash lift from a reputable salon is six to eight weeks. In this procedure, silicone shields are used to curl and lift the lashes along with a cream-based lifting product. 

 Since the eyelashes are shed every six to eight weeks to make way for new lashes, it is only a semi-permanent procedure. In case you need more lashes, you can then schedule another appointment for another lash procedure. 


 Lashing lifts and safety

 Using trained and skilled technicians, lash lifts have been proven to work 90% of the time. When using lash lift products, make sure that they are tried and tested and safe. The best solution to use won't cause redness or inflammation in your eyes if it gets into them. 

Lashes can be curled effectively by a lash lift, which is an excellent beauty procedure. It requires very little maintenance, which means you won't have to go to a lash lift expert regularly, saving you both time and money. Handling is not even a problem, so you can keep it up whenever you want. Your lash hairs will not fall off if you rub your eyes or sleep in any position. 

 In addition to being cheaper than eyelash extensions, lash lifts take only 45 minutes to complete from beginning to end. 


How safe lash lifts are during pregnancy

Before scheduling an appointment for a lash lift, women who are pregnant should consult their obstetricians. 

It isn't likely that the lash lifting products will cause allergic reactions or sensitivity issues since they do not contact the skin. However, pregnant women are advised not to take antihistamines or other medications if any side effects are experienced. 

There may be a slower growth rate of lashes in pregnant women, resulting in a shorter lifespan.  

A pregnant woman's life is indeed blessed during this time. When so many changes are taking place, it is only natural to feel wanted and want to look beautiful. The fact that you're pregnant should not prevent you from growing into your full potential. Make sure you research any beauty procedure you intend to engage in before you do so to ensure your safety and that of your newborn!

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