Thinking of training in eyelash extensions?

Posted by Su Altunbas on

Thinking of training in eyelash extensions?
Lash extensions - one of the fastest growing beauty trends.
So is now your time to jump on the lash wagon and become a certified lash stylist?
If you’ve been considering switching gears and learning eyelash extensions, there are some important things you need to know.
To start with, lash extension application is not a walk in the park. Every lash stylist has to work very hard to perfect their craft and deliver quality lash applications. You need to be serious about the industry and be willing to work your butt off.
Start your career with proper training.
Sure, online training is great for convenience, but you need to consider which method of teaching is going to help you learn best. If you feel that online training videos will suffice, then that is great otherwise find a lash trainer who is willing to conduct your training on-site.
Before you choose your lash course, do your research.
Is your trainer CLASSIC AND RUSSIAN VOLUME CERTIFIED? Unfortunately, the lash industry isn't regulated so anyone who thinks they have it right, might attempt to train but haven't undergone the training themselves. These particular trainers have the "she's doing it, I'm going to do it too" attitude. Make sure that live models are used. With live models you can gain practical skills by watching your trainer work and using those techniques on an actual person.
Lash education shouldn’t just end in the classroom. 
The industry is always evolving, evolve with it. Once your training in the classroom is finished, continue your research and development and remember, you only get better with each set you complete. Unless you practice perfecting your craft, you aren't going to improve.
If you’re still not sure about lash extensions, go and treat yourself to a set in a specialised lash boutique. Take in the atmosphere, relax and then check your new lashed-up look in the mirror – how does it make you feel? If you want to make your clients feel that extra-special ‘fresh lashes’ feeling, then take the plunge.
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