Why have eyelash extensions become popular?

A lot of trends fade away rapidly, but others endure. For example, the rib-bursting corsets of the 19th century have long been a thing of the past, but eyeliners became popular around the same time and remain popular today. Are eyelash extensions any different? How do they compare? Do they represent a trend or a fad?

The popularity of eyelash extensions is far from a fad and is a long-term trend in the beauty industry. The trend is booming all over the world, and it is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Grand View Research, Inc. projects a 6.0% CAGR for the total individual false eyelashes market from 2019 to 2025.

Due to their ability to enhance natural lashes in terms of volume and length, eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular. The addition of eyelash extensions makes women's eyes look more youthful, beautiful, alert, and gorgeous and saves them time and effort on applying makeup.

Before we find out why they are so popular, let's look at how it all began.

The History of False Eyelashes 

False eyelashes were not as popular in the past as they are today with celebrities and fashion-forward individuals. 

Beauty magazine Marie Claire reported that Ancient Egyptians began applying ointments and brushes to achieve voluminous, fluttery lashes around 3500 B.C. But it wasn't just women who wanted long eyelashes in ancient Egypt. Different materials, including malachite, were used by men and women to darken their lashes. According to the text, long lashes would protect their eyes from the sun's heat.

Sometime later, the Romans sought luminous lashes. Upon learning that short eyelashes indicate aging, ancient philosopher Pliny the Elder encouraged Romans to enhance their eyelashes. 

Material such as burnt cork and coal was used to achieve a glamorous look. Long eyelashes were also considered to symbolize virtue and virginity by the Romans. 

The popularity of eyelash extensions fluctuated throughout time. The false eyelash fad would soon become a mainstream culture in the middle ages, but people did not want any part of it. It was considered erotic to have too much hair. It was common practice for women to pluck out their lashes and eyebrows to display more of their forehead. 

Since eyelashes function as defenses against dust and debris, the methods they used were dangerous. Thanks to the fashion industry, these methods were soon abandoned. Toward the end of the 19th century, women sought some of the strangest methods of enhancing their eyelashes. 

A perfumer working for Queen Victoria, Eugene Rimmel, invented the first mascara in the middle of the 19th century. Rimmel's formula contained coal dust and Vaseline jelly. Within a few years, the creation caught on and evolved into eyelash extensions.

The Parisian women of 1882 sewed hairs on their eyelids as a means of enhancing their appearance. In 1899, an article published in a medical journal stated that women began transplanting their hair onto their eyelids. Women were also reported to have had their eyelashes implanted with needles around the same time. However, the procedure didn't catch on. Nevertheless, makeup artists began to experiment even more during the 20th century. 

The first artificial eyelashes were patented in 1911 by a Canadian named Anna Taylor. As part of her invention, she created glue-on lashes. However, she believed that the lashes were made out of human hair. Karl Nessler, a German hairdresser in New York City, provided false eyelash services several years later. Nessler advertised his services as "immune to the glare of electric lights," according to The New York Times. 

Artificial eyelashes began to catch on only after the 1916 filming of Intolerance. D.W Griffith noticed something was lacking from Seena Owen's performance after watching clips of the actress. In his opinion, Owen's eyes did not stand out enough. He promptly rectified that by having her eyelashes created by the wig maker. 

As part of the wig maker's method, the actress' eyelids were glued with gauze laced with human hair. The gimmick made Owen's eyes a bit puffy, but that didn't stop the eyelash craze from following.

As time went on, several developments were made, and better-modified eyelash extensions were produced. Today, the industry has witnessed significant growth and is pushing for more developments to satisfy people. 

But why are they so popular in today's world?

Here are common reasons why eyelash extensions are so popular:

  • It is time-saving

You probably want to make your eyes look larger, but you don't have time to waste on beauty products like mascara and eyeliner? Honestly, no one wants to spend hours every morning using endless beauty products. Then you will not have to go through the same struggle every day when you fix eyelash extensions on your current lashes. 

A woman's dream is to have naturally gorgeous eyelashes. But when it is so hard to make your eyelashes more dramatic, you don't want to make any attempt. This is why eyelash extensions have become so popular with women of all ages.

  • It is cost-Saving

While the products offered by some eyelash extension brands are expensive, the benefits these products offer are worth the price. Furthermore, the price of every extension varies based on its material, length, and online retailer. 

Preventing any temporary or permanent damage to your eyelashes starts with finding affordable but high-quality eyelash extension services. If you want to purchase a set of eyelash extensions for the first time or next time, do your research and compare several salons before choosing one.

  • It is easy to use

The convenience of wearing eyelash extensions anywhere and everywhere is one reason why eyelash extensions are now so popular among women of all ages. In addition, it is extremely convenient to wear the accessory throughout the year, regardless of whether you wish to look great during summer or winter. 

Most women realize how damaging eyeliner and mascara can be during a hot, humid day. The heat is one of the reasons why we avoid wearing eye makeup during the summer months. Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes. 

There is little time to pamper yourself if you're a busy mom with a ton of errands to run, a seasoned entrepreneur, or an ambitious executive. But, a set of eyelash extensions can make you look beautiful every day of the week. 

  • It is a great confidence booster.

Do you want to look beautiful and confident without much makeup, even if you don't wear any? Investing in eyelash extensions now would be a wise decision if your answer is yes. This is because it is an excellent accessory that will boost your overall self-confidence without affecting your bank balance. 

Even if you don't wear any eye makeup, people will notice your dreamy and gorgeous eyelashes. So many women are looking forward to this convenient and affordable process, which is why you will find them at beauty salons. 

Thousands of women have transformed their looks with eyelash extensions since they launched. When you have eyelash extensions, you don't need to apply makeup all over your face to look beautiful.

  • It adds the "Wow" effect.

Wearing eyelash extensions can help you stand out regardless of the event you're attending. It won't surprise you to receive more attention and compliments. Having high-quality eyelash extensions can transform your look, so they add the wow factor to your look. Whether attending a school party, a business event, or an official event, eyelash extensions serve as the perfect beauty accessory. 

It is a woman's natural desire always to look her best. One of the best things about eyelash extensions is that they're affordable and easily accessible. The extensions are also a great gift to give to someone whose eyes are beautiful or enjoys receiving attention and compliments. A professional stylist recommends experimenting with different curls and lengths to find what looks good on you. Also, they help you look younger and fresher. 

  • They are suitable for all occasions.

Everyone can benefit from eyelash extensions. So, whether you're getting ready in the morning for a social event or need a quick fix for your makeup routine, eyelash extensions will never disappoint. They are therefore perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. 

It will save you time on beautifying your eyes before an event if you choose eyelash extensions. It's not uncommon for women to spend hundreds of dollars to make their eyes look dreamy with the right mascara or eyeliner. Indeed, eyelash extensions are not only suitable for all seasons, but they can also be used for any occasion. 

The process of adding layers of mascara to darken your eyelashes can be incredibly frustrating. The damage to their lashes is irreversible for some women who curl their lashes every single day. If they apply false eyelashes every day, the damage is irreversible, too. Women of all ages have difficulty with the tricky application process and the hassle of avoiding glue. 

You benefit from long-term eyelash extensions for all occasions and events once you decide to opt for them. Your lashes will look fuller or more colorful with less effort. As a result, extensions are needed for all social, business, and family events. 

  • They can last several weeks.

In addition to being affordable, eyelash extensions can also be used for several months. The eyelash extensions you buy need only be maintained and cared for minimally to ensure they are in good condition for a long time. 

It is safe to wear, and you don't have to remove it before swimming, sleeping, putting on makeup, or exercising.

 When wearing eyelash extensions during all types of activities, most of them are safe; however, there are factors that may contribute to the loss of your eyelash extensions. 

You should not wet your eyelash extensions for 28 hours after they are applied. However, if you want, you can wear them in the shower, while swimming, and while exercising. 

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