Invidious Lashes


Su Altunbas, having endured the struggles and challenges of creating a lash business, built Invidious Lashes to help young women scale past financial insecurity. She started her lash business from her bedroom and scaled up her business to its present estate. With her passion and wealth of experience, she has decided to mentor other young women interested in the lash business and obtain financial security to become household names in the industry. She intends to teach, coach, and train them to learn from her failures, leverage her experience, and achieve their personal goals. 

Invidious Lashes aims to create opportunities for women worldwide to learn a skill, learn the intricacies of running a successful lash business, and become better at what they do. It is the mission of the company that young women globally can leverage the experience and expertise of Su Altunbas and enjoy life to its full potential. Like Su always says, “No one has to have it rough like me.”

Over the years, Invidious Lashes has admitted and graduated several students globally. Each of these students now owns successful lash businesses and refer others to get the same value they got. An incredible perk of learning from Invidious Lashes is the organization of a support and mentorship program where students past and present can interact as a community. You can always reach out to the team and enjoy unending emails, and community group calls with this community. 

The critical values at Invidious Lashes are:

Wow factor: A job well done is the extra effort put in to ensure expectations are exceeded. At Invidious Lashes, the goal is to exceed all expectations and wow clients and students alike. 

Come from the Heart: Invidious Lashes teaches compassion, respect and humility at all levels. They believe every client is unique and should be treated as such. Therefore, every level of expertise in lashing is complemented with compassion, respect and humility.

Make it happen: At Invidious lashes, every professional service is result oriented. Therefore, an effective value system held dear is the ability to take responsibility for every action and focus on the outcome.

Have fun: The best way to work is to enjoy the job. At Invidious Lashes, every service, every mentorship is enjoyable. It is a unique value Su Altunbas constantly instils in her services and her mentorship programs.

There are training packages that cater for at-home learning and packages that include a class with on-site learning. All courses come with the supplies necessary to learn, practice and perform 20-40 applications. A lash course through Invidious Lashes will qualify you to become an eyelash technician straight after the course! 

Invidious Lashes is fully insured, meets the Australian Government requirements for application and training of eyelash extensions and lash lifts. All course packages and products are shipped Australia-wide and are AICIS registered.

Afterpay and Zippay payment options are available on all products and courses.