Invidious Lashes

Discover Australia's Premier Eyelash Courses with Nationally Recognized Training

Invidious Lashes, founded by Su Altunbas, a resilient entrepreneur who transformed her lash business from a humble bedroom operation to a thriving enterprise, is leading the way in empowering women to conquer financial insecurity.

Our mission at Invidious Lashes is to provide women worldwide with the skills and insights needed to build prosperous lash businesses. We aspire to share Su's wealth of experience and expertise, enabling women to seize life's limitless opportunities.

Thousands of Global Graduates

Invidious Lashes has proudly welcomed and graduated thousands of students from around the world. We're committed to helping you succeed on your lash journey.

Support and Mentorship

One of the remarkable benefits of learning from Invidious Lashes is our robust support and mentorship program. Our students, past and present, form a thriving community, offering guidance, insights, and camaraderie. Connect with our team through emails and community group calls.

Our Core Values

At Invidious Lashes, we live by these core values:

  1. Wow Factor: We go above and beyond to exceed expectations and amaze both clients and students.

  2. Come from the Heart: We cultivate compassion, respect, and humility at every level. Each client is treated uniquely.

  3. Make It Happen: Our services are results-driven. We take responsibility for every action and focus on achieving outstanding outcomes.

  4. Have Fun: We believe in enjoying our work. Our services and mentorship programs are designed to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Training Packages

Choose from our training packages for at-home learning or on-site classes. All courses include essential supplies for learning, practicing, and performing applications, even after course completion. Upon completing a lash course with Invidious Lashes, you'll be qualified to become a certified eyelash technician.

Fully Insured and Accredited

Rest assured, Invidious Lashes is fully insured and complies with Australian Government requirements for eyelash extensions and lash lift application and training. Our course packages and products are available for nationwide shipping, and we are AICIS registered.

Unlock your potential with Invidious Lashes, where excellence meets empowerment. Join our community of lash artists today!