At-Home Learning Courses

Invidious Lash Academy offers an amazing opportunity for anyone who cannot attend an on-site class. We are now leading in providing at-home course packages all around the world, giving students an opportunity to become a fully qualified eyelash technician, without having the need to attend a class.

Our at-home course option offers remote learning with all the necessary tools and guides to have you applying lash extensions like a professional.

 Our manuals include a substantial amount of information to assist in setting up and having your own salon. 

When you choose this package you are also signing up for ongoing mentorship and support for no additional charge. 

Invidious Lash Academy will guide you through your journey with our expertise to make sure you're making the most out of your course and skills, ensuring you have the capability to start and run your very own lash extension business. We as a company are passionate about helping your business grow and thrive and evidence of our expertise are all of our successful students.