At Home Edition - Classic + Russian volume

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You can now become a qualified lash technician from home!

This package is ideal for someone who wants to learn at home.
We are currently offering lash training manuals and student lash kits to be sent to your home, where you can study, practice, and get qualified without the need for a class.

This is great if you are unable to physically attend class or during lockdown. As a student, you will receive all the lash supplies and lash learning materials you need to become, and start working, as a fully qualified eyelash extension technician from home.

This package is 2-courses in one - which means you will be qualified in both Classic and Russian volume application.

To obtain your qualification, you will need to submit two photos of your work. One with a Classic application and once with a Russian volume application. Your certificate will then be emailed or posted out to you.

After this class, you can book a class on-site at a discounted rate of $300.



• Full sized deluxe kit included which will allow you to see at least 20 clients and includes all the essential tools to become qualified from home.
• Classic Lash Manual, Russian Volume Manual, Eye-Shape Mapping manual
• On-going mentoring and networking.
• Discounts on all products & future classes
• Framed Certificate