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Invidious Lashes

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Our student lash extension kits all essential lash extension accessories and supplies for the application of approximately 20 clients. Some products last more eg: our primer will last for 100 clients.

What you receive in this kit:

  • Mannequin head
  • Practice lashes
  • 4 mixed trays of lash extension trays (Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume lash extensions.)
  • Pro Lash glue/adhesive 
  • Primer
  • Glue remover
  • Mascara wands
  • Micro swabs
  • Jade stone
  • Professional lash tweezers
  • Micropore medical tape
  • Gel under-eye pads 
  • Black air puffer 
  • Large Tile to place the extensions on
  • Lash cleanser
  • Large carry case 

Please note some items are subject to change depending on availability.