Su Altunbas, the founder of Invidious Lashes, is an Accredited Trainer and Assessor who offers her services and expertise to clients and students globally. She is an entrepreneur par excellence who took the risk of starting out lashing in her bedroom with no prior beauty experience.
Su established her company, Invidious Lashes, in 2018. It was first intended as an additional source of income for her family. She sought to run a business to achieve financial flexibility while raising her 2-year-old daughter at the time. She started by providing lash services in her bedroom for only $20 a set!  After several successful jobs, she expanded her business and boought a studio.
She compiled her experience and expertise into a course and incorporated an academy package at Invidious Lashes. This package provides the essential knowledge required to run a successful lash business and live a balanced lifestyle, all while either being a mother, raising a family, working or studying.

Su has a track record of outstanding reviews with several clients attesting to her expertise and value system.

Su's ambition is to change more lives and help liberate other women from financial insecurity and to learn a skill that they can apply anywhere around the world.
Lash trainer
Charlie has gained her expertise as a past and valuable student of Invidious Lashes Academy.
When Su is not attending classes, due to her personal commitments with her children, Charlie is our most reliable trainer.
Charlie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to Invidious Lashes Academy. From her beginnings in studying lashes, through to her running her very own successful eyelash business, Charlie has an extensive educational & experienced background.

Most importantly, Charlie is well-known for her strong and reputable rapport with our clients and students.

Her warm and personable approach will make you feel confident and at ease when studying at Invidious Lashes Academy.

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