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At Invidious Lashes, we are committed to empowering individuals with the expertise to thrive in the beauty industry. Our courses are designed for everyone—whether you're a mother, single individual, or student—looking for a career or lifestyle transformation. With a community of thousands of students worldwide, including those in New Zealand, Canada, and the USA, Invidious Lashes is a trusted name in exceptional lash training and quality products.

Our user-friendly, step-by-step courses cover everything from marketing and business strategies to building a loyal clientele. As a registered and insured organization, we meet Australian standards for lash training. Each course includes a Certificate of Attainment and affordable kit options, providing all the essentials to begin your journey. This certificate enables you to work in a beauty salon or start your own business.

We offer flexible payment options to suit everyone's needs. Join us and take the first step toward a successful future in the beauty industry.

From beginner to pro, we've got you covered.

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Have questions? We have answers.

What will I learn in an eyelash extension course?

If you do an eyelash course through Invidious Lashes Academy, you will learn all of the fundamental information you need to kickstart your own business. This includes the following:

Basic Theory and Anatomy:

  • Eyelash Growth Cycles: Understanding the natural growth cycle of eyelashes.
  • Eye Anatomy: Basic knowledge of eye anatomy to ensure safe application.

Safety and Sanitation:

  • Hygiene Practices: Proper sanitation and sterilization techniques.
  • Health and Safety: Precautions to prevent infections and allergic reactions.
  • Client Consultation: Conducting thorough consultations to assess client needs and suitability.

Lash Extension Types and Materials:

  • Different Types of Lashes: Mink, silk, synthetic, and other materials.
  • Adhesives and Tools: Knowledge of various adhesives, tweezers, and other tools used in the application process.

Application Techniques:

  • Classic Lashes: Applying one extension to one natural lash.
  • Volume Lashes: Creating fans and applying multiple extensions to one natural lash.
  • Hybrid Lashes: Combining classic and volume techniques.
  • Lash Mapping: Designing lash styles to suit different eye shapes and client preferences.

Practical Application:

  • Hands-on Practice: Applying extensions on practice mannequins and live models.
  • Isolation Techniques: Properly isolating natural lashes to prevent sticking.
  • Filling and Refilling: Techniques for touch-ups and maintaining lash sets.

Troubleshooting and Aftercare:

  • Problem-Solving: Addressing issues such as lash fallout, irritation, and retention problems.
  • Client Aftercare: Educating clients on how to care for their extensions to prolong their life and maintain eye health.

Business Skills:

  • Client Management: Building and maintaining a client base.
  • Pricing and Marketing: Setting prices and promoting your services.
  • Legal and Licensing: Understanding local regulations and obtaining necessary licenses.

Advanced Techniques (Optional):

  • Mega Volume Lashes: Advanced volume techniques for a more dramatic look.
  • Lash Lift and Tint: Techniques for lifting and tinting natural lashes.

By the end of the course, you should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform eyelash extensions professionally and confidently.

Do I need any prior experience or qualifications to enrol into a lash course?

Typically, you do not need any prior experience or qualifications to enrol in an eyelash extension or lash lift course. These courses are designed to teach beginners everything they need to know to start a career as a lash technician. Here are some points to consider:

Basic Requirements:

  • Age Requirement: Most courses require you to be at least 13 years old.
  • Interest in Beauty: A passion for the beauty industry and an interest in eyelash extensions or lash lifts.

No Prior Experience Needed:

  • Beginner-Friendly: Courses are structured to accommodate beginners with no prior experience in beauty or lash extensions.

Recommended Qualities:

  • Attention to Detail: Precision and attention to detail are crucial for applying eyelash extensions.
  • Patience and Steadiness: A steady hand and patience are important for the meticulous work involved.
  • Good Vision: Good eyesight or corrective lenses are essential for detailed close-up work.

Optional Preparations:

  • Research: Familiarizing yourself with lash extension styles and trends can give you a head start.

Overall, as long as you have a keen interest and a willingness to learn, you should be able to enrol in and successfully complete an eyelash extension course without any prior experience.

How long does the eyelash course take to complete?

The duration of an eyelash extension course through Invidious Lashes varies depending on the type of course you choose. Here are the options:

  1. In-Person Small Group Classes: These typically take place over a few days, with each day focusing on different aspects of eyelash extension techniques. For example, a comprehensive course covering classic, hybrid, and volume lashes might be spread over three days.
  2. Private 1:1 In-Person Courses: These are usually intensive one-day sessions lasting around 6 hours. The course includes both theoretical and practical training on a live model.
  3. Online Courses: These are self-paced, allowing you to complete the training at your convenience. The course material includes lifetime access, enabling you to study according to your schedule.

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the eyelash course?

Yes, upon completion of an eyelash extension course or lash lift course through Invidious Lashes, you will receive a certification. This certification is granted by an accredited trainer and allows you to start your own business or gain employment in a salon​. This certificate qualifies you as an eyelash technician.

What are the career opportunities after completing the course?

After completing the Invidious Lashes eyelash course, there are several career opportunities available to you. Here are some of the potential paths you can pursue:

1. Lash Technician in a Salon:

  • Employment in Beauty Salons: Many salons look for certified lash technicians to provide eyelash extension services to their clients.
  • Spa and Wellness Centers: These centres often offer a variety of beauty treatments, including lash extensions.

2. Freelance Lash Technician:

  • Mobile Lash Technician: Offer your services on a mobile basis, visiting clients at their homes.
  • Renting a Chair/Booth: Rent space in a salon or beauty bar to provide your services.

3. Starting Your Own Business:

  • Home-Based Studio: Set up a dedicated space in your home to offer eyelash extension services.
  • Opening a Salon: Start your own eyelash extension salon, potentially expanding to offer other beauty services as well.

4. Specialization and Advanced Services:

  • Specialized Lash Services: Offer advanced services such as volume lashes, lash lifts, and tints, which can command higher prices.
  • Brow Services: Complement your lash services with brow tinting, waxing, and lamination.

5. Training and Education:

  • Become a Trainer: With experience, you can become a trainer, teaching others how to apply eyelash extensions.
  • Workshops and Courses: Conduct workshops or create online courses to educate aspiring lash technicians.

6. Retail and Product Development:

  • Product Sales: Sell eyelash extension products such as adhesives, lashes, and tools.
  • Brand Development: Develop your own line of eyelash extension products.

7. Media and Fashion:

  • Editorial Work: Provide lash services for photoshoots, fashion shows, and other media productions.
  • Celebrity and High-Profile Clients: Work with high-profile clients or in luxury settings.

8. Collaboration with Other Beauty Professionals:

  • Networking: Partner with other beauty professionals, such as makeup artists and hairstylists, to offer combined services for events like weddings and parties.

9. Ongoing Professional Development:

  • Advanced Certifications: Continue your education with advanced certifications to stay updated with the latest techniques and trends.
  • Industry Conferences and Workshops: Attend beauty industry conferences and workshops to network and learn new skills.

These opportunities allow for a diverse and flexible career path in the beauty industry, with the potential for growth and specialization based on your interests and skills.

What support is available after I complete the course through Invidious lashes?

After completing the eyelash course through Invidious Lashes, you can expect a range of support options to help you succeed in your career as a lash technician. Here are the key support features provided:

1. Lifetime Access to Course Materials:

  • 24/7 Access: You will have lifetime access to the online course materials, allowing you to review the content and stay updated with new techniques and information at your own pace​.

2. Ongoing Mentorship and Support:

  • 1:1 Mentoring: Invidious Lashes offers 1:1 mentoring sessions, where you can receive personalized guidance and advice from experienced trainers​.
  • Exclusive Chat Groups: Access to exclusive chat groups where you can interact with trainers and other students for ongoing support and networking​.

3. Discounts and Resources:

  • Student Discounts: As a student, you will receive discounts on products and future courses for life, helping you to continue your education and build your business affordably​.

4. Business Development Support:

  • Business Manuals: The course includes business manuals that provide insights into setting up and running a successful lash business, including tips on marketing, customer service, and client retention.
  • Industry Connections: Guidance on where to buy your equipment and how to set up your lash room, as well as advice on business registrations such as setting up an ABN and business name​​.

5. Certification and Credibility:

  • Certification: The certification you receive meets the Australian Government standards, which enhances your credibility and employability in the beauty industry​​.

6. Professional Development:

  • Advanced Training Opportunities: Opportunities to enrol in advanced courses and specialized training sessions to further develop your skills and stay competitive in the market​​.

7. Marketing and Client Acquisition:

  • Marketing Strategies: Training on effective marketing strategies, including social media tips and how to grow your brand and client base​.
  • Client Consultation Skills: Guidance on conducting thorough client consultations to ensure high satisfaction and repeat business​​.

8. Free access to selected workshops and upgrades to course.

  • When our course content upgrades, you get free access.
  • Join a network of beauty professionals passionate about growth and excellence. You’ll get invited to exclusive events and can attend selected workshops free.

9. Referral program & rewards

  • For every friend that signs up, receive $50 cash or $100 worth of products on selected courses!

10. Employment opportunities

  • When we are hiring new technicians, we always consider our students first. Our reputation will also allow you to obtain employment at a beauty salon.

These support features are designed to help you transition smoothly from training to professional practice, ensuring you have the knowledge, skills, and resources to succeed as a lash technician.

How do I enrol?

Enrolling in the eyelash course through Invidious Lashes involves a few straightforward steps. Here's how you can do it:

1. Visit the Invidious Lashes Website:

Go to the official Invidious Lashes website and navigate to the "Courses" section to explore the available courses.

2. Choose Your Course:

Select the eyelash extension course that suits your needs. They offer various courses, including:

  • In-Person Small Group Classes
  • Private 1:1 In-Person Courses
  • Online Courses

3. Review Course Details:

Carefully read through the course details, including the curriculum, duration, cost, and what is included in the course package. Ensure you understand what each course offers and what you will learn.

4. Secure Your Spot:

Once you have selected the course, you can secure your spot by making a deposit. This deposit is typically valid for three months, allowing you to lock in the course at the current price. The remaining balance can be paid before the course starts or anytime within the three months.

5. Complete the Enrolment Form:

Fill out the enrolment form with your personal details. This form is usually available on the course page or will be sent to you via email after making the deposit.

6. Payment Options:

Choose your preferred payment method. Invidious Lashes offers various payment options, including Afterpay, Zippay, Payright, and in-house payment plans​​.

7. Confirmation and Welcome Pack:

After completing your payment and enrolment form, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 1-2 business days, you will also receive a welcome pack with detailed information about the course and available dates​ (undefined)​.

8. Schedule Your Training:

For in-person courses, a representative will contact you to arrange the dates for your training sessions. If you enrolled in an online course, you will receive instructions on how to access the course materials and begin your studies​.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or need assistance with the enrolment process, you can contact Invidious Lashes directly:

Following these steps will help you successfully enroll in an eyelash extension course with Invidious Lashes and start your journey toward becoming a certified lash technician.

Are there any payment plans or financial aid options available through Invidious Lashes?

Yes, Invidious Lashes offers several payment plans and financial aid options to help you manage the cost of your course. Here are the details:

Payment Plan Options:

  1. Afterpay:
  2. Zippay:
  3. Payright:
  4. In-House Payment Plan:

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan:

  • Online Checkout: During the enrollment process on their website, you can select Afterpay or Zippay as your payment option at checkout.
  • Contact for Payright and In-House Plans: For Payright and in-house payment plans, you may need to contact Invidious Lashes directly to set up the payment arrangement.

Contact Information:

If you need assistance or have questions about the payment plans, you can reach out to Invidious Lashes at:

These options make it more accessible for you to start your training and become a certified lash technician without the immediate financial burden.

Will I learn how to remove eyelash extensions safely?

Absolutely, our courses will walk through absolutely everything from A-Z. We offer a 100% content satisfaction guarantee.

Can I practice on real clients during the course?

Yes, your in-person course will require you to work on a real person under the full supervision of your trainer.

How do I start my own eyelash business after completing the course?

Starting your own eyelash business after completing the course with Invidious Lashes involves several steps. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started:

1. Get Certified:

  • Complete Your Training: Ensure you have received your certification from Invidious Lashes, which is essential for credibility and compliance with local regulations.

2. Plan Your Business:

  • Business Plan: Create a comprehensive business plan outlining your services, target market, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and financial projections.
  • Market Research: Understand your local market, identify your competitors, and determine your unique selling proposition (USP).

3. Legal and Administrative Steps:

  • Register Your Business: Choose a business name and register it with your local government. Obtain any necessary business licenses and permits.
  • Tax Identification Number: Apply for a tax identification number (TIN) or employer identification number (EIN) for tax purposes.
  • Insurance: Get professional liability insurance to protect yourself against potential claims.

4. Set Up Your Workspace:

  • Home Studio or Rent a Space: Decide whether you will operate from home or rent a space in a salon or a dedicated studio.
  • Equip Your Space: Purchase essential equipment and supplies, including lash extension kits, a comfortable chair, good lighting, and sanitation supplies.

5. Develop Your Brand:

  • Brand Identity: Create a logo, choose brand colors, and develop a professional website.
  • Social Media Presence: Set up profiles on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to showcase your work and attract clients.

6. Marketing and Promotion:

  • Website and Online Booking: Develop a user-friendly website with online booking capabilities.
  • Social Media Marketing: Post regular updates, before-and-after photos, and client testimonials. Use hashtags and collaborate with influencers to reach a broader audience.
  • Local Advertising: Consider local advertising methods such as flyers, business cards, and local beauty events or expos.

7. Client Management:

  • Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to build a loyal client base. This includes timely communication, a comfortable environment, and follow-up care instructions.
  • Referral Programs: Implement referral programs to encourage satisfied clients to refer new clients.

8. Continuous Education:

  • Stay Updated: Continue learning and staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in the lash industry by attending workshops and advanced courses.
  • Feedback: Regularly seek feedback from clients to improve your services.

Resources and Support:

  • Invidious Lashes Support: Utilize the ongoing mentorship, exclusive chat groups, and lifetime access to course materials provided by Invidious Lashes for continuous support​​.
  • Networking: Join professional lash artist groups and forums to network and gain insights from other professionals in the industry.

By following these steps, you can establish a successful eyelash business and start attracting clients. Good luck with your new venture!

  • Melbourne Lashd

    Our beautiful student Gulcan completed her in-person course with us in 2020 and is currently running her very own successful lash business from home.

  • Sapphire Beauty

    Monica trained with us in 2020 and was initially working for Invidious Lashes. Monica eventually created her own brand and is now flourighing in the industry running her beautiful lash business from home.

  • Lashed By London

    Taylah trained with us in 2023 and started her very successgul business from home! Taylah offers natural and glam sets and is performing exceptionally well.

Why Invidious Lashes Academy?

At Invidious Lashes, our journey started from a humble bedroom and has grown into a renowned training academy with over 7,000 students worldwide. Our point of difference lies in our real-life experience and proven success. We don't just teach you the techniques; we show you the blueprint for building a thriving lash business from the ground up.

Our courses are designed by industry professionals who have lived the journey you're about to embark on. We provide practical, hands-on training combined with invaluable insights into the beauty business, marketing strategies, and client-building techniques. This unique blend of technical skills and business acumen ensures you're not just learning to apply lashes but also learning to succeed as a lash entrepreneur.

Join us and benefit from our first-hand experience and personalized mentorship. Let us guide you on your path to transforming your passion into a prosperous career, just as we did. Choose Invidious Lashes, where your success story begins with our proven expertise and unwavering support.

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