Discover the epitome of excellence with our premium range of liquids meticulously crafted for lash application, proudly made in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Korea. Our commitment to unparalleled quality sets us apart, ensuring you achieve flawless results every time.

Carefully curated ingredients, sourced from the finest suppliers, are blended with precision in our cutting-edge Korean lab. The result? A superior liquid formula that embodies innovation and expertise. 

Our liquids are formulated with a keen focus on safety. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing a product that is not only high-performing but also safe for use. We understand the importance of your clients' well-being, and our liquids reflect that commitment to health and safety standards.

Liquids - Invidious Lashes


Super Bonder for Eyelash Extension Application - Invidious Lashes
Save 33%
Sensitive foaming eyelash extension cleanser & brush - Invidious Lashes
Save 20%
Eyelash Extension Primer - Invidious Lashes
Save 40%
Eyelash Extension Gel Remover - Invidious Lashes
Save 40%
Cream Glue Remover for Eyelash Extensions - Watermelon Scent - Invidious Lashes
Save 35%