Do you want to become your own lash boss?! Then start with the right training! Learn from a mentor who is currently in the industry and actively running their business. Whose work you can see & have clients that vouch for them.

Invidious Lashes offers training programs unparalleled to any other. Your mentor, Su has a background in finance & social media marketing and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Su is certified in both Classic & Russian Volume application.

To have a successful lash business is not only dependant on your technique & skills but also on how efficiently you can run your business. 

Once your training has been completed, you will have ongoing support and mentoring from Su. You will also be invited to our Whatsapp group full of other women who have trained with Invidious Lashes, sharing information and questions, supporting each other throughout their journey - a real group of women supporting women.

Our goal at Invidious Lashes is not only to teach you how to lash, it is to help you build and run a successful business. Throughout your session you will spend time going through theory so you can learn all the essential information about lash extensions and then perform a practical demonstration on a mannequin and live models.

We strongly advise our students to first complete their Classic course & then the Russian volume course on separate days in order to allow time to practice in-between sessions.

Our classes are conducted in small groups. One on one is available for an additional fee.

Please note, as per policy and procedures we do not issue any refunds once courses have been completed.



    This class is suitable for beginners. There is no pre-requisite to sign up to this class. 

    With this class you will receive a total of 4 manuals!

    The following modules will be covered in the Classic manual:

    • Types of lash extensions
    • Different curls & thicknesses
    • Anatomy of the eye
    • Growth cycle of the natural lashes
    • Special considerations such as cautions, allergies, irritations
    • Sanitisation and hygiene
    • Techniques 
    • Taping methods and layering
    • Achieving great retention
    • Lash Removal
    • Infills
    • Adhesive 101
    • Common errors
    • Aftercare recommendations
    • Tools of the trade
    • Setting up your lash room
    • First aid and beyond
    • Troubleshooting
    • Customer service & marketing


    • Considering your clients' lifestyle
    • Choosing a volume level for your client
    • Coloured Lashes
    • Eyelash length options
    • Curls and thickness options
    • Lash curl effects
    • Eye shapes
    • Mapping guide


    • Professionalism
    • Artist guide sheet
    • Consultation forms
    • Online booking system


    • Salon or home-based business
    • Starting your business checklist
    • Tax obligations
    • Business structures
    • Registration and licenses
    • Registering your business name
    • ASIC
    • Domain name
    • Record keeping & accounting software

    This is a full day course where we will go through the theory together and there will be a practical assessment on a mannequin and on a live model.

    All short courses are fee-for-service, this means they are not government funded. Payment plan options include Afterpay. Full payment is required to secure your place prior to course commencement to ensure you receive all the required information to prepare for your first day.

    Students need to arrange a model to come in for the practical assessment.



    During this class you will learn an advanced technique of hand-making your volume fans. You must already be qualified in Classic lash application to undertake this class.

    You will receive a Russian Volume manual for this class. The following modules will be covered:

    • What are Russian Volume lashes
    • Difference between Russian volume and Classic
    • Who are Russian lashes most suitable for
    • How long does it take to apply Russian Volume
    • Pricing
    • Volume fans
    • types of curls
    • Attachment
    • Selecting the right tweezers
    • Fanning techniques
    • Fan placement
    • Common errors
    • Adhesive 101
    • Lash weight allowances
    • Stacking lash extensions
    • Refills
    • Removals
    • Russian volume vs Premade lashes



    For more information please email