On-site Learning

If you have ever thought about becoming an eyelash technician, there has never been a better time! According to an ABC News report, the lash industry is expected to become a $1.5 Billion industry by 2023. In 2020, despite Covid-19 hitting many states and countries around the world, the lash extension industry showed no signs of slowing down.
An eyelash extension business is one of the most rewarding businesses. With a very low start up cost, you can set up at home and have your business up and running. The courses offered to become qualified are usually 1-3 days and usually under $2000!

Lash Technicians are unique for many reasons, they are irreplaceable by machines, there is no age limit, and you can take this qualification to anywhere in the world! Not to mention, the ability to work around your family, study or work schedule is priceless. The flexibility that comes with this kind of profession really is amazing.
At the end of your training with Invidious Lashes, you will be fully qualified to start your own home-based business or be employed as a Lash Technician within only 2 days.

Our courses are offered by our Lash Mentor Su who has personally started from a small bedroom in her home, to building a massive studio and academy. She shares all her secrets and tricks to not only becoming a successful lash technician but also in building a successful brand. It is important to note that Su is also currently in the industry, still running her very own lash business with amazing client retention!

We touch on all important topics from how to lash, where to buy supplies & equipment to business and marketing strategies!

We strongly advise our students to first complete their Classic course & then the Russian volume course on separate days in order to allow time to practice in-between sessions.

Our classes are conducted in small groups. One on one is available for an additional fee.

Please note, as per policy we do not issue any refunds once courses have been paid for and/or completed. 



    This class is suitable for beginners. There is no pre-requisite to sign up to this class. 

    With this class you will receive a total of 2 manuals!

    The following modules and more will be covered in the Classic manual:

    • Types of lash extensions
    • Different curls & thicknesses
    • Anatomy of the eye
    • Growth cycle of the natural lashes
    • Special considerations such as cautions, allergies, irritations
    • Sanitisation and hygiene
    • Techniques 
    • Taping methods and layering
    • Achieving great retention
    • Lash Removal
    • Infills
    • Adhesive 101
    • Common errors
    • Aftercare recommendations
    • Tools of the trade
    • Setting up your lash room
    • First aid and beyond
    • Troubleshooting
    • Customer service & marketing


    • Considering your clients' lifestyle
    • Choosing a volume level for your client
    • Coloured Lashes
    • Eyelash length options
    • Curls and thickness options
    • Lash curl effects
    • Eye shapes
    • Mapping guide


    • Professionalism
    • Artist guide sheet
    • Consultation forms
    • Online booking system

      • Class is one day from 9:30am – 3:30pm.
      • Class consists of theory, practice on a mannequin head and then practice on a live model.
      • Full sized deluxe kit included which will allow you to see at least 20-30 clients after your course.
      • If you charged $50 model prices, you would make a $1000 covering the cost of this class
      • Classic Lash Manual, Mapping manual.
      • Free refresher class.
      • On-going mentoring and networking. You will be added into our exclusive WhatsApp chat group.
      • Discounts on all products & future classes.
      • Framed Certificate.



      During this class you will learn an advanced technique of hand-making your volume fans. You must already be qualified in Classic lash application to undertake this class.

      You will receive a Russian Volume manual for this class. The following modules will be covered:

      • What are Russian Volume lashes
      • Difference between Russian volume and Classic
      • Who are Russian lashes most suitable for
      • How long does it take to apply Russian Volume
      • Pricing
      • Volume fans
      • types of curls
      • Attachment
      • Selecting the right tweezers
      • Fanning techniques
      • Fan placement
      • Common errors
      • Adhesive 101
      • Lash weight allowances
      • Stacking lash extensions
      • Refills
      • Removals
      • Russian volume vs Premade lashes

      • Class is one day from 9:30am – 3:30pm
      • Classic consists of theory, practice on a mannequin head and then practice on a live model
      • Russian volume manual, Mapping manual and Business Manual
      • Free refresher class
      • On-going mentoring and networking.
      • Discounts on all products & future classes
      • Framed Certificate


      For more information please email su@invidiouslashes.com.au