On-site Learning

🌟Start your side hustle with our on-site Lash Courses! 🌟
Are you passionate about the art of lash extensions? Do you dream of becoming a skilled lash artist? Look no further! Invidious Lashes academy proudly presents our comprehensive on-site & online lash courses designed to turn your passion into a rewarding career!
Why Choose Our In-Person Lash Courses?
 Hands-On Training
Experience personalized, hands-on training sessions guided by our Accredited educator.  Learn the latest techniques and industry secrets.
 Expert & Accredited Instructor
Our knowledgeable instructor is Accredited and dedicated to sharing their expertise and helping you master the art of lash extensions.
 Small Class Sizes
 Benefit from small class sizes, ensuring individualized attention and ample time for practical training. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, practice techniques, and receive valuable feedback.
 Comprehensive Curriculum
 Our courses cover everything from lash extension application and styling to client consultations and business management. Gain a deep understanding of all aspects of the lash industry.
 Custom Budget Friendly Kit Options
 Choose your own premium lash extension kit filled with high-quality products and tools. Practice with the best materials in the industry and kick-start your lash artist journey.
Earn a certification upon course completion, recognized in the industry. Boost your credibility and stand out as a skilled lash artist. With our certificate you can either start your own business or work in a beauty salon
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