Certification vs Accreditation in the Lash Industry

You're looking to do a lash course and you might be asking the following questions:
1. Does my lash certificate need to be accredited so I can get a job or start my own business?
2. Does the institution I obtain a certificate from need to be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?
3. Does the trainer I learn from need to be an Accredited Educator?
The answer to all those questions above is quite simply: No. 
Yes, you read that right; you do not need your training and assessment certificate to become a lash artist.
If you are located in Australia, the eyelash industry is unregulated.
This means, you technically do not need a certificate to even apply eyelash extensions or lash lifts. 
So, that poses the question, what is the difference between Certification and Accreditation? 
  • Certification typically refers to a formal recognition or credential awarded to an individual who has completed a specific training program or course related to eyelash extensions or other lash-related services.
  • It is often offered by training schools, academies, or organizations that specialize in lash training.
  • To become certified, individuals usually need to complete a training program, pass an assessment, and meet certain competency criteria set by the certifying body.
  • Certification is a way to prove that an individual has received proper training and can perform lash services safely and effectively.
  • Accreditation, on the other hand, usually refers to a process by which a lash training institution or program is recognized and approved by a governing body or accrediting organization.
  • It is a validation of the quality and standards of the training program itself rather than an individual's skills.
  • In Australia, accreditation for lash training programs will be provided by industry associations or regulatory bodies.
In order to have the nationally accredited status, a basic requirement is that the training course needs to be a minimum of 6 months in duration. If you want only nationally accredited training, you need to be prepared to invest 6 months of your time in it.
In Australia, there is only 1 official definition for what constitutes a ‘Nationally Accredited’ training.
It is a course delivered by a current RTO (Registered Training Organisation) which complies with ASQA’s (Australian Skills Quality Authority) minimum standard requirements.
If you want to find out whether an institute is an RTO, you can use THIS SEARCH TOOL to verify.
Be careful of institutions claiming to be accredited - most are accredited by an independent governing body - NOT the Australian Government.
Invidious Lashes ensures that the training institution follows industry best practices, provides a comprehensive curriculum, and maintains high-quality standards in its lash training programs and follows the Australian Government's standards of providing lash education.
Our certificates are granted by an Accredited Trainer and Assessor, who holds the appropriate qualifications to provide certificates.
So, does it matter whether you are certified or accredited at the end of your lash training? Will it make a difference in you finding a job or starting your own business? Most likely not.
We would suggest doing thorough research before investing in lash training and considering not only the curriculum of the lash course, but the achievements of the lash educator conducting the course and their reputation.