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Can I change my course?

The following information will hopefully assist you with your question regarding changing courses. However, if for whatever reason the information presented below does not help, and you still require assistance, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page you will see you have the ability to lodge a service request. When lodging a request please try to include as much information as possible! The better you describe your issue, the better our tutor team will be able to assist you. Thank you.

We encourage students to carefully consider their decision when swapping courses. As our beauty courses vary, each application is assessed differently and includes consideration of the following terms:

  1. One (1) free course swap, including all associated modules per student, provided the courses involved are of comparable value (within a $500 difference). Students may incur a fee if the price difference exceeds this amount
  2. Student must not have started the course.

There are some special considerations outside these parameters which can be reviewed, so please reach out to the support team by filling out the application form below.

If you’d like to proceed with swapping courses, please complete the course swap application form below. 

How long do I have online course access for?

Online course access is for a lifetime.

Can I reschedule my in-person course?

As long as the rescheduling occurs at least 3 days prior to the original date of the course.

Last minute rescheduling will incur a $250 rescheduling fee.

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