Kit Questions

The following information will hopefully assist you with your question regarding receiving your kit. However, if for whatever reason the information presented below does not help, and you still require assistance, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page you will see you have the ability to lodge a service request. When lodging a request please try to include as much information as possible! The better you describe your issue, the better our tutor team will be able to assist you. Thank you.

I've purchased an in-person course, how do I receive my kit?

For in-person course purchases, your kit will be given to you on the day.

I received the wrong kit

We’re sorry to hear that you have received the wrong kit. We will endeavour to solve this for you as soon as possible. 

To get the process rolling please use the form below to describe the kit you have received (and for which course). If you are uncertain, please include a description of the items.

Please ensure that the kit you received is in good condition and the items included are unopened and not used. We will endeavour to rectify this issue for you but must ensure that the kit you received is returned as new.

My kit has damaged items

We’re sorry to hear you have damaged items in your kit. To get a replacement kit we will require visual evidence of the damaged items.

Please use the form below to attach an image of the broken item(s), a description of the damage and specify the course the kit was for.

We will then be in touch within 48 hours to organise your replacement item(s)/kit for you.

My kit is missing items

All of our kits are checked thoroughly by our suppliers before they’re dispatched. It’s only on a very rare occasion that an item will be missing. Please make certain by checking your kit that you’re indeed missing an item. If you are adamant that your kit is missing something, please proceed with logging a support ticket via email to

Please include a photo of all the items you received in the kit, with all products unpacked and the labels facing up.

Kit delivery issues

Please email us with your order number to

Delivery times:

Australia 3-7 days

International orders up to 21 days

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