Login Issues

The following information will hopefully assist you with your question regarding issues logging in. However, if for whatever reason the information presented below does not help, and you still require assistance, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page you will see you have the ability to lodge a service request. When lodging a request please try to include as much information as possible! The better you describe your issue, the better our tutor team will be able to assist you. Thank you.


Issue 1: I bought the online course, but I don't know how to access it.

Start by checking your email, including your junk folder and look out for the email that grants you access. There will be a link that will prompt you to create a password. Flag this email so you can use it to acces your course at anytime.

Issue 2: My login isn’t working/I can’t remember my password 

Start by resetting your password. If the password reset hasn’t worked, please enter the email address you enrolled with below and we will be in touch shortly to assist 

Issue 3: I registered with an incorrect email address

If you registered with the wrong email address you will need to contact us via the form below and we will update your details within the system.  This usually takes up to 48 hours to process, and then you’ll then receive an email with your new login details.

Issue 4: I can’t remember the email address I registered with

Please contact us using the form below if you can’t remember the email address you registered with. 



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