Classic & Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Tweezer With Ruler


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Our best sellers! Invidious Lashes Tweezer Set includes hand-tested application tweezers that will pick up even the finest lashes.
  • Suitable for 0.05mm Russian lashes, premade fans, promade fans and classic lashes 
  • Perfect tension
  • Easy grip
  • Precision tip
  • Ruler for measuring the natural lashes

Length: 12cm

Sanitisation and storage tips:

  • After each use, wash tweezers with warm water and detergent/ dishwashing liquid (not soap), and pat dry with paper towel
  • Disinfect using 100% isopropyl alcohol (do not dilute with water)*
  • Lay tweezers to air dry on paper towel
  • Store tweezers in a clean environment, away from used tweezers. Avoid storing tweezers with tips facing down, always have them protected with plastic tweezer tips, or stored in a tweezer case

*Please note, cleaning solutions can dull the finish. Be mindful of soaking time.

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