Lash Primer for eyelash extensions

Invidious Lashes

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This quality protein remover with primer is highly recommended in order to get the best retention and result for your eyelash extensions.

This product also contain an “adhesion promoter” which helps the adhesive to set faster, bonds stronger and provide longer retention!

The protein remover cleans the natural lash of protein, contaminants, and oil. It will also prime it at the same time – leaving the natural lash clean and ready for lash extension. There’s no need to use a separate primer if you’re using this product!

How to Use:

  • Make sure client’s eyes are closed.
  • Squeeze a couple of drops on a micro applicator/swab.
  • Brush gently on the top and bottom of the natural lashes.
  • Dry the lashes thoroughly (using a fan for around a minute on each eye) before applying the eyelash extensions.