Eyelash Extension Adhesive Glue - Super Pro

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Introducing our exceptional Super Pro Lash Extension Glue, a professional-grade adhesive designed to elevate your lash artistry to new heights. This premium lash adhesive is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of lash artists, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Key Features:

✨Secure Storage: Our lash extension glue is packaged in an airtight container with a resealable cap to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.

✨ Expert Formulation: Our lash extension glue is expertly formulated to provide superior adhesion, ensuring your lash extensions stay in place for weeks.
✨ Korean Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Korea, the epicenter of beauty innovation, our adhesive embodies the precision and excellence for which Korean beauty products are renowned.
✨ Quick-Dry Technology: Speed up your lash extension sessions with our quick-drying adhesive, allowing for efficient application and impeccable results.
✨ Gentle and Hypoallergenic: Prioritizing client safety and comfort, our lash glue is hypoallergenic and gentle on the eyes, minimizing the risk of irritation.
✨ Versatile Application: Whether you specialize in classic, volume, or hybrid lash extensions, our adhesive is versatile enough to meet the unique demands of your craft.
✨ Latex-Free Formula: Free from latex, our adhesive is suitable for clients with latex sensitivities or allergies.
Precise Dispensing: The precision nozzle ensures controlled application, reducing waste and mess during your lash sessions.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Expert

✨ Dry time: 0.5~1 seconds

✨ Retention: 4~6 weeks

✨ Fumes: Low

✨ Viscosity: Thin - Medium (120-130 cps)

✨ Ideal humidity: 40%~60%

✨ Ideal temperature: 20~24 degrees Celsius

✨ Expiration: 6 months unopened. 4-8 weeks after opening

Directions for Use:

Ensure to shake your adhesive for at least 30 seconds and place a drop on your jade stone or glue ring.

Pay attention to recommended temperature and humidity levels.

Suitable for Lash Professionals only.

Must not come in contact with skin.

Must not be used with false lash strips 

Directions for Storage:

Store in an air-tight container or bag and out of direct sunlight.

Unopened packet can last up to 12 months.

Keep out of reach of children.

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