Micro Swab/Wand/Dental applicators (50 pack)

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Disposable Micro Brush Applicators for Eyelash Extension (50pcs)

Invidioous Lashhes disposable wands feature fine micro brush tips, allowing you to focus on smaller areas and achieve utmost accuracy and precision. These are perfect if you are working on one lash at a time.

Having a micro brush tip also means that the brush only retains a small amount of products. This prevents any wastage and also reduces the chances of products getting into the client's eyes and cause irritation.

A micro brush applicator is the perfect tool for lash extension application, when applying Superbonder or primer to the lashes. They can also be used to remove eyelash extensions with eyelash glue remover.

  • Lint-free, non-absorbent fibre
  • Colours: Yellow
  • Length: 10cm
  • One packet contains 50 brushes.
  • Disposable, clean and sanitary to help prevent infection.