Super Bonder for Eyelash Extension Application

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Boost Retention and Speed with Super Bonder
Enhance the longevity of your eyelash extensions with our Super Bonder. Designed to improve retention, this essential product is a must-have for professional lash artists. Made with advanced formula, the Super Bonder ensures strong adhesion and helps lashes to stay in place for an extended period.
Harnessing the power of innovative technology, our Super Bonder creates a protective barrier on the lashes, preventing premature shedding and maintaining the fullness of the extensions. Its optimized formula ensures optimal results, making it a favourite among lash technicians worldwide.
How to Use:

1. After completing eyelash extension application, remove any excess adhesive on the lashes using a micro brush or lint-free applicator.

2. Apply a small amount of Super Bonder to a disposable micro brush or applicator.

3. Gently swipe the Super Bonder along the base of the eyelash extensions, ensuring thorough coverage.

4. Allow the Super Bonder to dry for 2-3 minutes before exposing the lashes to water or steam.

Invest in our Super Bonder today and experience the ultimate boost in eyelash extension retention. With its perfect formula, this product will help you achieve stunning, long-lasting lashes that will leave your clients mesmerized.

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