Eyelash Extension Adhesive Glue - Ultra Pro

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Ultra Pro Lash Adhesive is a great adhesive that will improve your application speed. If you are looking for a super-fast drying adhesive that will set your Russian volume fans open instantly or avoid stickies, Invidious Lashes Super Pro Lash Adhesive is just for you!

Made in Korea with safe, registered ingredients using only the highest quality cyanoacrylate. 

Suitable for Expert Lash Artists.

Dry time: 1 second

Retention: 6~7 weeks

Fumes: Medium

Viscosity: Medium (130-140 cps)

Ideal humidity: 40%~60%

Ideal temperature: 20~25 degrees Celsius

Skill level: Expert

Expiration: 6 months unopened. 1 month after opening

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