10D 0.05mm Promade fans

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Cut down your application time! Introducing our new promade loose fans! 

If you’re struggling with making your own fans, or tired of spending hours sorting out loose fans, then we have the solution for you!

Instant Set-up Promade Fans! Every box contains 320 loose volume fans. All you need to do is lay them out on a silicone pad, and you’re ready to start lashing!

10D ( 320 fans) | 0.05mm diameter | C Curl

Special Features
  • Extremely sharp & pointy base that will help you achieve maximum retention
  • The slightly longer shape makes application easy even for a beginner lash artist
  • 100% handcrafted by skilled lash artists
  • Wide appearance to create a soft and fluffy volume effect
  • Made from the highest quality material (Korean PBT)
  • Create a mega volume set in the same time as a classic set
  • Minimal adhesive used for best bonding results, with no extra weight
  • Mixed tray - 8-15mm

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