Basic Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Kit


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Classic Eyelash Extension Training Kit

This extensive Classic Eyelash Extension Training Kit contains everything you will need to begin your hands on Classic lash training! It doesn’t just stop there; this will even get you started with your very first clients! 


You have the potential to take up to 30 clients with this kit.

 Average price of classic lash treatments $80 (Between $80-$120)

30 applications x $80 = $2400 potential income from this kit 


  • Practice Mannequin
  • Tray of 1 x Practice Lashes
  • x 1 Application Tweezers
  • x 1 Isolation Tweezers
  • x 3 Classic Lash Mixed Trays (B,C,D Curls)
  • x 1 Jade Stone
  • x 20 Eye Pads
  • x 20 Lash Wands
  • x 20 Micro Swabs
  • x 1 Eyelash Extension Glue
  • x 15ml Glue Remover    
  • x 1 Lash Cleanser
  • x 1 Lash Primer
  • x 1 Micropore Tape 


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